Automate Your Twitch Clips into YouTube Shorts and TikToks

Step #1

🎙️ Stream like you normally do on Twitch and capture Clips.

Step #2

💪 CrossVid Does the Rest:

Downloads your top Twitch Clip, edits the Clip into a Short and TikTok, adds subtitles & (Optional) cam placement, generates video title and description with trending terms, then uploads to your YouTube and TikTok.

Step #3

📈 Watch Your Audience Grow!

And progress your channel towards more monetization. 💰

CrossVid users see an average of 450% more views across multiple platforms in the first 3 months!

Shorts that were created automatically with CrossVid:


Pick Your Plan

Sign up through Twitch and choose to have your Clips uploaded weekly or daily.


Choose Layout

Enable webcam and subtitles to appear on your Shorts (or don't)


Link YouTube & TikTok

Sign in securely through YouTube and TikTok to link your account with CrossVid


Touch Grass

CrossVid will do the work for you. Step back and let your audience grow!


How do I get started?

Make a CrossVid account by logging in through Twitch. Then, you will be able to link your YouTube account on your user Dashboard. This will grant CrossVid permission to upload your videos.

How often do my Clips upload to YouTube?

You can choose to have your Clips uploaded weekly or daily, depending on which subscription plan you choose.  Clips will only be uploaded if you have Twitch Clips available for CrossVid to use.

How does CrossVid pick a Clip to upload and can I choose?

CrossVid looks for your most watched 'Featured' Twitch Clip which allows you to decide which Clip should be uploaded. This is done on your Twitch Dashboard. If there is no Featured Twitch Clip, then your most watched Clip in general is uploaded.

Does CrossVid auto-clip from my VOD or Stream?

No. You, your mods, or your viewers must Clip from your Stream. The best content is hand picked and social media algorithms recognize that fact.

Do I edit the clips myself?

You do no editing. Currently, CrossVid allows you to decide if your videos have subtitles and if you want your webcam included in the Short. There is no further customization. CrossVid is designed to take the reigns and do it all for you.

Do I need YouTube and TikTok?

No, CrossVid works with YouTube, or TikTok, or both. You are not required to have both accounts but it is recommended you do to take advantage of the automation.

What platforms does CrossVid support?

Currently, CrossVid supports Twitch to YouTube & TikTok, but more platforms will be added in the near future.

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